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How To Take Pictures Of Yourself Without A Photographer

8th January 2018

FIRST OF ALL: This is not a step by step instruction manual as to how I take my photos. I feel like writing that would encourage others to try and…

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My 2018 Resolutions for a Happier Me

2nd January 2018

2017. A year where my life got turned on it’s head, shaken around a bit, and placed back nicely where it belonged. A bit like a snow globe, just less…

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M&S Beauty & Makeup Advent Calendar & Biscuiteers Event AD

26th November 2017

Welcome to the start of another jam packed blog post (wait where does ‘jam packed’ come from? Is it because a jar of jam is well packed? Life questions). After the…

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Shoot The City Series: Glasgow, An Instagram Guide

12th November 2017

I’m gonna skip the whole ‘omg I haven’t posted on here for ages because of my new, full time job’ introduction because A) it’s probs the same for 90% of…

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