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Shoot The City Series: Glasgow, An Instagram Guide

12th November 2017

I’m gonna skip the whole ‘omg I haven’t posted on here for ages because of my new, full time job’ introduction because A) it’s probs the same for 90% of…

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First Impressions: BeautyPie, The New Makeup Brand on The Block

29th August 2017

I genuinely forgot what it was like to get really¬†embarrassingly¬†excited over a new makeup brand. I’ve been so stuck in my lane full of Rimmel, L’Oreal and other drugstore favorites…

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Current Haircare Routine: Keeping it Blonde & Soft!

27th August 2017

I feel like it’s about time I share my haircare routine as I’ve FINALLY found a winning combo. It’s not quick by any means. It may mean that your teen…

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How To Start Being In Front of The Camera Instead of Behind It

19th August 2017

So this marks the first of my photography based blog posts. The first of many for sure. Despite this part being the first thing you read, this was the last…

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