Behind The Blog

 A Bit About Me:

First off…regardless of the blog name, my names actually Katy. I didn’t fancy having my first name posted everywhere when I first started! My middle names Alex – hence LexiLife! And plus, it’s pretty catchy I think?

I am a full time MA Digital Marketing student who’s graduated with a first class Honours in English Language. Yup. I’m so keen for education I’m doing another degree. I’m also one of many crazy cat ladies. Guilty. I won’t go on, we’ll be here all day. 


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A Bit About The Blog:

You’ll find beauty and lifestyle related posts that have a bit of personality to them. Pretty pictures aren’t everything so I like to add a touch of humour into my posts, as if I’m literally talking to you through the screen instead of churning out post after post. I’m hoping to get into some fashion/look books too but who knows!

I also run a YouTube channel where I’ve been weekly vlogging every single week since 1st of January 2017. Feel free to catch up here – you’ll need a month or so to watch them all.

I’ve been made a LookFantastic Brand Ambassador after being selected out of 1000’s of applicants. I’ll be working with them for around a year so expect a lot of exciting posts and video’s coming your way!

YouTube: Lexilife

Instagram: lexilife95

Twitter: @lexilife95

Get in touch with me any way you like, I’m not fussy, I just love a good old chat. I’m ALWAYS on twitter so feel free to follow! Enjoy my blog lovelies.

Love Life, Lexi!