why you shouldn’t be ashamed to want to ‘make it’

28th February 2018

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“Alright, confession time: I would LOVE to be a full time blogger.”

This seemed like a totally normal, acceptable sentence to me a couple months back, but after a huge change of mindset and outlook on life (which you can read about in my last post ~ Slowing down & enjoying the ‘now’ ) I’m left shaking my head at it. Spot anything?…have a quick reread. Anything?..

‘Confession’. The word ‘confession’ fits in so naturally with expressing the dream to be a full time blogger. I see it, and say it, ALL THE TIME. But why? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. People shouldn’t be afraid to admit ~ even the word admit doesn’t sit right with me ~ that that’s a position they would love to be in. So why do I feel as if it’s a little taboo?

I would like to point out that this is my version of ‘making it’. Becoming a full time blogger/youtuber is what I class as ‘making it’ and if I’m honest, it’s my own end goal and something to really work towards. But I do understand that this isn’t everyones definition of being successful. To me, it would be

My friend, Kirby from kirbysmall, pointed out that once people are able to become a full time blogger ~ and by ‘able’ I mean they can financially support themselves through social media/blogging alone ~ there’s often an outpour of support online. Hundreds of people and other bloggers show admiration, happiness and positivity for those that have seen their dream become a reality – and it’s truly heart warming. There’s the red, flamenco dancing lady and celebration emojis all over your feed. And rightly so! It’s just that period of time beforehand that’s a bit…taboo to talk about? The graft, the hard work and the sheer determination to become a full time blogger is hardly ever addressed. Maybe briefly once it’s happened. But never before or during.

Do people find it embarrassing to admit that this is what their working towards in life? If so, why? It’s not embarrassing for a student to work towards a Masters or PhD. It’s not humiliating to work towards a promotion at work. It’s not taboo for people to ‘admit’ or ‘confess’ to wanting to get married and start a family. So why this?

A blogger/youtuber/influencer IS a career now. Yes it wasn’t here what 10 years ago, perhaps even 5. But that doesn’t make it of any less value when compared to other more common occupations. But I’m not here to talk about other people’s opinions on being a full time blogger, being in the blogger community, I {we} know that already. I’m just curious as to why it’s a bit taboo for bloggers to openly express their aim in making it full time… to other bloggers.

I have many bloggers who have ‘made it’ following me, as do others. Could this be slightly embarrassing to be tweeting your desire to be in their positions, and that one day you’d like to be there with them? Or is it a case of playing it safe and not expressing this incase it backfires and never works out? (WHICH IS OK COS STUFF DOESN’T ALWAYS WORK OUT).

Speaking of full time bloggers who are increasingly successful and an inspiration to many ~ blog post of my faves coming soon ~ most come from the wave of creators that ‘didn’t know it could be a full time job’ when they started. So they technically never set out with the aim to be full time becuase they didn’t know it was possible. But nowadays, influencer marketing, bloggers, youtubers etc are EVERYWHERE. It’s quite clear that this is now a potential occupation for bloggers. With this in mind, I think its incredibly natural and normal to have this as a dream profession. Why the hell not?



In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a blogger who would LOVE to make it full time. I have no problem saying this, online of offline, I’m always very open about what my ideal end goal is.

To do something that you truly love for a living, owning a brand that YOU created from nothing and becoming your own boss is something I’m often left dreaming about. But not to the point where I can’t enjoy and live my life to the fullest now. I’ve realized that it wouldn’t be realistic to base my life on becoming a full time blogger/youtuber, financially…I think I’d run into a few problems. And by problems I mean my overdraft.

But I’m in the awkward, taboo stage of working towards it. Because what’s the point of having a goal and not even attempting to edge closer to it, little by little, no matter how long it takes?

This was very much a ‘putting my thoughts on a page’ kinda post. But I’m hoping it sparks some conversations, whether it’s in the comments or in your head, around the idea of wanting to be a full time blogger and how no one ever really mentions it. Would love to know your thoughts of course!



17 responses to “why you shouldn’t be ashamed to want to ‘make it’”

  1. I’d absolutely love to make it as a full time blogger, but when I’ve told other bloggers before they’ve been like “oh so you’re only in it to be famous/ the money” when in reality no. I love doing it and I want a career doing something I love, when I’ve had friends attempt blogging before they’ve given up after a couple weeks because of how much time and commit it takes to have even the slight taste of success or hope of going full time.

    Alicia x

    • lexilife says:

      Hey lovely! Blogging deffo has to be your main passion before going full time, and if other people can’t see that then that’s their problem right?! The majority of us get it in the blogging community, who knows where it can take us!! xx

  2. Lucy Niblock says:

    Thankyou so much for writing this! I feel like such an idiot saying I’d love to be a full-time blogger, just because my blog is so small. But you saying all of this gives me a little bit of hope xox

    • lexilife says:

      Aw Lucy thank you thank you! NEVER feel like an idiot for having a dream and aspirations!! They’re healthy, they’re fun and provides you with a focus outside of work (for me anyway) hehe. Thanks for all your comments and support as always gal xx

  3. Tasha Louise says:

    I’m so glad you posted this! I would love to be a full time blogger/writer one day but very rarely admit that to anyone! Why? I don’t know, I guess I feel a bit self conscious admitting that tbh! Anyway, great post and I’m sure you’ll make it full time at some point! X

    • lexilife says:

      Thank you lovely! I’m so glad I posted it too now, was so nervous! I’ve said it to a few people now and it gets easier every time. Thank you! xx

  4. I think there definitely is a bit of embarrassment attached to the statement ‘I want to be a full time blogger’ there’s still stigma around blogging as a job. I mean after the whole Elle Darby incident with the cafe in Dublin, who can blame bloggers for not wanting to shout that they want to do it full time? I think it’s greta that you want to do it! I love blogging, but I also love my job too!

    Abigail Alice x

    • lexilife says:

      S O oooO oO glad someone else can feel the embarrassment with it. I was gonna mention the Elle Darby situation but thought that it’s pretty annoyingly obvious that the media has SUCH a role in how people view blogging, I didn’t want to make it too negative, but you’re so right. Thanks so much for reading and leaving such a lovely comment xxx

  5. Jess says:

    Love you opinion and I do totally agree with it! Ever since I was about 18, I first stumbled upon bloggers and youtubers I just knew it would be my dream job! I’m such a shy and introverted person and I just couldn’t work out what I wanted to do and realising that working for yourself was an actually job- I just knew I wanted in! Not everybody is in it for the ‘fame’ and ‘money’ some people may just want that lifestyle or that freelance way of working! Was looking forward to this post and you didn’t disappoint! Keep on grinding girl💪🏼

    • lexilife says:

      Thanks so much Jess! Omg working for yourself is the GOAL right?! Thanks for all your lovely support (on here and on twitter), so glad I posted this in the end! xxx

  6. Je Serai Reine says:

    These are EXACTLY my thoughts ! I feel so much relieved to think I am not the only one. I just started blogging, and telling my friends, family or colleagues or anyone around me, that I would love to become a full time blogger someday, makes me feel really ashamed and uncomfortable. The question was : WHY ?! But you are totally right, it is a real job now, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of what our dreams are. Really pleasing to read 🙂

    • lexilife says:

      Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate you leaving such a lovely comment! You are DEFINITELY not alone in wanting to make it full time, we need to learn to not doubt ourselves and ignore feelings of embarrassment when telling people what we want to do! Thanks lovely xxxx

  7. anni says:

    Thank you so much for saying this out loud (or writing, but in my head it’s loud and clear). We should never be ashamed of our goals and you are so right. I’m very happy you put it out there and as always – your photos are amazing! 🙂
    I never “admit” to people that I’d like to become a PT or do handbalancing classes in the future because I’m still far away from that. We feel ashamed and that’s so awful. Thank you again – so so much, you don’t know how much you’ve made a difference just now 🙂 xx
    Keep going!

    • lexilife says:

      Hi Anni, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and leave such a lovely comment! This is the reason why I do what I do, I love to hear other peoples thoughts and the kind words tops it all off!! Thank you so much. I’m glad I took the risk to post this now – here’s to both of us achieving our dreams! xxx

  8. Jess says:

    absolute lovely post! You’ve basically just thrown out all of the thoughts swirling inside my head lately and I admire you for it!! I’m just starting out right now and the end goal would be to make it big someday and it IS difficult to admit sometimes, I guess because of the fear of failing, like you said. you’ve helped me feel like i’m not alone hahah. Your photos are also so gorge! such an adorable top!!
    Thank you so much for sharing ♥
    xx J

  9. holly says:

    I think your speak for alot of bloggers when writing this post. Not everyone. BUT alot. I really would love to make it my full time job especially as it would mean having the freedom to be with my son.

    I totally think that the blogging industry has a long way to go to be able to prove its worth within other professions. HOWEVER even saying that, “prove its worth” sounds awful. It should’nt need to. People are making a living off blogging, marketing and youtube. Which is incredible. What better life to live than doing what you love?! Why should they have to “prove” its a real job.

    In my opinion I just think people are scared of the unknown and to those who aren’t in the blogging world just don’t see it as being real.

    Whatever your aspirations in life I 100% think you should focus and go for it! Don’t feel ashamed.

    You are smashing it out the park, so I know you will get there.

    Much Love

  10. Khanak says:

    I absolutely love what you’ve written! I agree, this is a very common “taboo” that really shouldn’t be one. I’d LOVE to be a full-time blogger, and I’m not afraid to say it! Loved your piece x

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