How I Spent A Weekend in Bath

4th February 2018

My first trip of 2018 and second addition to the Shoot The City Series…introducing, BATH! If you’re into your YouTube, have a peek at our Bath Vlogs.

Whenever I visit a new city, I am the literal embodiment of a tourist…with a large blogger cherry on top. For example, I want to take pictures of EVERYTHING…whilst being in them, I want to eat food traditional to the area…whilst it being instagrammable, I want a central place to stay…that’s unique and quirky. I could be here all day listing the ‘must haves’ of a city break avec moi and I’m sure some of you reading can relate (let me know in the comments!) but I should probably get on with the post and share my Instagram Guide to Bath. Check out my Instagram Guide to Glasgow too!


The Place

Firstly, I thought I’d share where I stayed and why it was so damn perfect. This was our first time using AirBnB and, I was surprisingly chill about it. For years I’d been against the idea because, well I’d watched way too many TV Dramas which meant only murderers used AirBnb to lure helpless people to their deaths. I’m my own worst enemy sometimes honestly.

You’ll be pleased to know we’re alive and well. Our host was not a murderer and it turned out to be the most perfect, sweet little apartment. You can see the full house tour over on my youtube channel by clicking here, it’s probably a lot easier to get the vibe there. It was a one bed apartment with a lounge, dining area, bathroom and king sized bed, complete with breakfast and snacks whenever you got peckish. The bathroom was super roomy with a bath and even a STEP! Why are singular steps so exciting??

It was above our hosts shop Katherine Fraser, which sold hand made accessories, and towards the back of the building was a vintage comic book store. For those worried about parking, use the long stay carpark on Charlotte Street (you’re welcome).

Before I get into the nitty gritty of our trip, I just wanna say that Bath is FREAKIN’ TINY. We managed to do and see everything in 1 day. This was totally accidental tbh, we just kept bumping into things and ended up bumping into everything. Do not take a car, just comfy shoes and good company. It probably took us 15-20 minutes to walk the entirety of Bath. Which made it even more perfect for a quick 2 day city break.


Starting the day off right at The Boston Tea Party


For a whole day wandering the streets of Bath, a decent breakfast was a must. And also because we like food. A lot. The aesthetics in this place were off the CHAIN. Total instagram heaven. I wasn’t able to get my full IG hat on and snap away out of respect for the children, parents and other people just wanting to enjoy their meal. This is actually something I struggle with when taking pictures in restaurants and cafes…maybe another blog post is calling.


Matt went for a classic smashed avo on granary bread (why does ‘smashed’ make it sound so much better) and the ladette deep within, no shame, FORCED me to order a full veggie breakfast.



The Royal Crescent

Located in the top left hand corner of Bath – I know, my geography is impeccable – is the breathtaking royal crescent. A row of 30 terraced houses designed and constructed in the 1700’s. What was also breathtaking, is the fact that people genuinely LIVE IN THESE HOUSES. I’m not sure what I was expecting, looking back on it now, of course they do. But to see families go about their everyday life – putting the bins out & doing the school run, whilst tour guides took 20 people to their doorstep, was a weird ‘tourist in a UK city’ moment.


In the centre amongst the sudden burst of greenery, lies The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa. I can’t say I came across this when browsing for accommodation for our stay, probably because the price filter I chose didn’t quite cover it. From the outside, it looks beautiful – let me know if you’ve ever had a trip there!



Pulteney Bridge

A short walk and quick google map search later, we found ourselves overlooking the gorgeous Pulteney Bridge. This is another top tourist destination with tons of photo opps! I actually vlogged where the PRIME photo spot is so be sure to check out my channel for Day 2 (Day 1 is out atm).

As you could tell from the photos so far, it wasn’t the best day weather wise, but if I’m honest. It totally added to the cosy, typical british city vibe.


Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House

I’d love to say we just ‘stumbled’ upon this hidden treasure (and it really is hidden), but I enjoy and take comfort in doing a spot of research before trips away. I found this via Instagram and added it to our ever growing list of places to eat. This is a cute cafe inside Bath’s Oldest House and home to Bath’s Bun. The Sally Lunn bun can only be described as part bun, part bread, part cake. I know, I’m sorry for how much thinking that took to get your head around but, am I really sorry? NO it’s food and food can have all the thinking time it needs and these buns are phenomenal as buns go! Apparently, numerous bakeries over the years have attempted to replicate the same finish and failed.

Again, I couldn’t quite manage to take pictures inside as it was super cosy…cosy as in, nearly bumping elbows with the couple next to us everything I needed to use my cutlery. But I didn’t mind, it was a 4 story, rickety old house regenerated to supply the people (the people being hungry tourists) with HUGE BUNS. I could let the elbow room, or lack of, slide.

We obviously had to go with the ‘done’, touristy thing – because going away with me means being the ULTIMATE tourist – so two buns were ordered! The buns were so huge that they gave you half each with a choice of topping – savory or sweet. Fun & useless fact with no explanation: they use the tops for sweet and bottom for savory. After my veggie fry up, I needed something sweet so went for the cinnamon buttered bun. Think cinnamon iced roll meets light airy bun…I’ll take 5. Matt went for a more filling Welsh Rarebit topped with mushrooms with chutney – obvs I had a bite and can confirm that it was also DELICIOUS. I enjoyed my bun with a whole teapot of peppermint tea!


The Roman Baths

We quickly discovered that we were coming close to doing all the tourist spots in one day. Still with Sunday left to go, I was hesitant to tick off our ‘Things To See’ list and head to the Baths (which I’m now SO glad we did as it rained all day Sunday, hard.) We headed to the Baths at around 4 o’clock. We may’ve decided to go at this time based on lighting and photos, and to anyone who isn’t into their photography: i can feel you eye rolling at how extra that is. But it gave us the perfect mix of photos. Some taken with light and some in the evening. We arrived & entered in daylight and left in total darkness. It has a totally different vibe in the evening as fires are lit to light your way around the main bath so I’d recommend heading in half hour before sunset!



What I didn’t realize, and will come across in the vlog, is that it’s not just ONE bath. It’s a huge museum with 2 other springs located inside as well as changing rooms, a massage room, cold plunge pool etc etc. It’s HUGE! One thing I still can’t get over to this day is how well it’s preserved and that, 1000’s of years ago, Romans walked and touched the same stone I did. That’s about as much history-obsessed I get. I’m sorry if you zoned out for a second but, I thought it was pretty cool.



I have so many more photos to share from my trip, but thought these were a nice round up of our weekend from Bath! I hope I did it justice, it really is beautiful. We didn’t manage to go into the abbey, but it does make a lovely backdrop. Will be using those photos in another post soon.


But for now, I really hope you enjoyed this and found it useful! If you ever fancy heading to Bath, feel free to use this photo diary as a little tour guide. I can’t wait to do more travel posts!

What do ya think of the photos? I feel like I’ve trained Matt well tehe. Have you ever been to Bath?! Let me know if there’s anything I missed!







7 responses to “How I Spent A Weekend in Bath”

  1. Lovely sum up of your trip and gorgeous photos! I shall have to pop to your youtube now as I think I saw a video went up!
    B E A utifuuullll

  2. m4gical says:

    omg! I had no idea bath was so beautiful, everything looks perfect, right down to the 1 step in the bathroom which I completely get where you’re coming from! lol x x

  3. Holly says:

    Lovely post and pictures! I visited Bath for the first time last year and fell in love with it. It’s such a beautiful place, you just want to take pictures of every corner of it! That avo on toast looks amazing 🙂


  4. anni says:

    Looks like you enjoyed it! Bath is such a great sweet little place, absolutely love it. In summer it’s great though, too – there are cute lemonade stands and people singing on the streets, it’s lovely 🙂
    Your outfit looks great btw but the shoes don’t look too comfy haha
    xx Annika

  5. I love Bath, and this post really brings back so many great memories for me!
    Fantastic post – I love your outfit and your photos! Also, the airbnb looks sweet!

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