M&S Beauty & Makeup Advent Calendar & Biscuiteers Event AD

26th November 2017

Welcome to the start of another jam packed blog post (wait where does ‘jam packed’ come from? Is it because a jar of jam is well packed? Life questions). After the last mammoth writing sesh typing up my Instagram Guide to Glasgow, I was convinced I’d take a break from being a Keyboard Warrior. Clearly, I forgot how much I bloody love blogging so here we are yet again.

M&S kindly offered to send me their Beauty Advent Calendar of 2017, to which I let out a squeal of excitement (if you’ve watched any of my videos, you’ll know the one). I think it goes without saying that this post will have spoilers right? Just incase – SPOILERS BELOW.

This year, M&S have taken inspiration from the classic winter showstopper; The Gingerbread House. Inside contains 25 – yes that does mean a present from M&S on Christmas day – individual, mini gingerbread houses. Think Russian doll but in house form, houses within a house, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE. I also wanna mention how much I enjoy finding the numbers…why is this so much fun?! Whenever I see advent calendars with the numbers in chronological order, I’m worried for the person who made that decision. WHY TAKE THAT FUN AWAY.

Inside occasional mini houses, are cute festive messages which adds a touch of luxury to the calendar. Nothing like a Christmas phrase/pun to start the day…did I forget to mention my love for Christmas is at Zoella level? (Currently playing Sia’s new Christmas album whilst writing this).



1 – 50ml Rosie for Autograph amazing radiance body glow

2 – 15ml Filorga meso mask

3 – 30ml Nuxe prodigieux shower oil

4 – 15ml Gatineau melatogenine aox advanced rejuvenating cream

5 – 15ml Rodial dragon’s blood sculpting gel

6 – 1.5ml Stila all day liquid lipstick

7 – 16ml Korres wild rose advanced repair sleeping facial

8 – 4ml Eyeko black magic mascara

9 – 10ml Nails Inc Exclusive one coat gel nail polish in Molten Star

10 – 15ml Formula innovate radiance reveal peel

11 – Full Size Ultrasun ultralip

12 – 50ml Alpha H liquid gold rose

13 – 10ml Shay & Blue blood oranges edp

14 – 15ml Emma Hardie moringa balm

15 – Full size Diego Dalla Palma ciglione mascara

16 – 50ml Percy & Reed session hold hair spray

17 – 10ml Ren Instant firming beauty shot

18 – 12ml Leighton Denny exclusive glitter nail polish

19 – Pixi Beauty Lip Lift Max

20 – 10ml Balance Me radiance face oil

21 – 15ml Autograph hydrating primer

22 – 50ml Ameliorate skin transforming body lotion

23 – Formula Ultimate Sleep Cream

24 – 10ml PUR correcting primer illuminate & glow

25 – M&S Cosmetics Bag


I’ve picked out some of my FAVES below including Rodial’s Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel – I now use this before my primer in the morning to help plump & wake my skin. Speaking of primers, I’m currently using the Autograph Hydrating primer, also provided in this calendar, which is doing wonders with keeping the annoying dry patches at bay.



I’m also chuffed to receive two full sized nail varnishes for the festive season as well as another Pixi Lip Lift! One thing I’m intrigued by is the Formula Ultimate Sleep Cream as it says on the packaging “Skin looks like you’ve had 8 hours sleep even when you haven’t”…with near enough 12 hours out in London/commuting, I need this by the bucketload.

I’ve heard lots of rumours – twitter rumours to be precise which aren’t always that accurate let’s be honest – that people are buying the calendar to then wrap up these content to give as gifts to others. Genuinely not surprised, I was SO stunned at the quality and sizes of products in here. There’s a lot more skincare than beauty which doesn’t crave the makeup addict within me, but I need to start looking after my skin more & products to do just that can be so pricey!

It’s now sold out online, but I’d advise to head into your local M&S store if you’re after it! You can get your hands on over £250 worth of product for just £35 when you spend £35 in store.

What caught your eye inside the calendar?!


To celebrate the release of the Advent calendar, I was invited to The Biscuiteers Icing Cafe in Notting Hill to ice our very own gingerbread house (a bloggers dream I’ll be the first to admit).


Stepping inside the cafe, I was met with a beautiful smell of freshly made biscuits, shortly followed by the sweet smell of icing. It was the shrine of all shrines for beautifully decorated biscuits. Hanging off trees, on display, poking out of boxes. I got a bit click happy and snapped away – obvs.



Downstairs, we found ourselves in the Biscuiteers School of Icing where M&S treats and prosecco were awaiting us. Aswell as the blank canvas that was our deconstructed gingerbread houses. One thing I learnt that night, is that icing is BLOODY HARD. I’m in total awe of the Biscuiteer Experts who are constantly churning out amazing and accurate designs. A little jealous I’ll be honest. But a nice jealousy.

We were very kindly taken through, step by step, how to ice, where to ice, how to construct. The construction was surprisingly easy for me and I would’ve put my monthly pay packet on me being better at decorating then constructing but look, I’LL TAKE ANYTHING AT THIS POINT.

No collapses, no breakages…I know. Biscuiteers hit me up if you ever need someone to hold a gingerbread roof for 5 minutes. It was a truly magical event, one of my favourites to date – so thank you so much to those arranging the event and making it come to life, as well as the invitation itself. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Have you ever iced before?

Yes I was this happy about icing. I couldn’t not put this in here. Also – if you’re wondering where my gingerbread house is…it was so terrible that not photos have made it onto the blog…maybe with a few more sessions in the Icing school, it may just make the cut…

4 responses to “M&S Beauty & Makeup Advent Calendar & Biscuiteers Event AD”

  1. Kirby Small says:

    Looks like such a good advent calendar! I’ve never had a beauty one before but this looks up my street. The gingerbread making looks so fun!!! Can we go decorate biscuits???🙊🙊 xxx

  2. HOW festive are these photos, love them!! The calendar is so so cute, and the sizes of the products are amazing. Such fab brands in there, I really want to try the Stila stay all day liquid lipsticks, and the Alpha H Liquid Gold, so cannot wait to hear watcha think to them! The event looked super cute too, I loveeee biscuiteers! xxx

  3. Megan McCoig says:

    Ah girl this event just looked amazing. I’ve never decorated my own gingerbread house and now I REALLY want to! I bet it tasted delish. Also, this year m&s have hands down got one of the best advent calendars. There’s such a good variety of beauty products xx

  4. Frances says:

    This looks like an amazing calendar and that event looked so fun! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion & Lifestyle

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