Shoot The City Series: Glasgow, An Instagram Guide

12th November 2017

I’m gonna skip the whole ‘omg I haven’t posted on here for ages because of my new, full time job’ introduction because A) it’s probs the same for 90% of 20 something bloggers B) I’m bored of saying it myself and C) I want you to be knees deep in scottish instagram locations P R O N T O.

Loch 4

Whilst visiting my friend who’s attending Glasgow University doing a brainiac degree (so proud), we surrounded ourselves in the unique architecture of Glasgow city – whether we liked it or not (disclaimer: we never not liked it). We spent a total of 2 nights and 3 days here with no car, not a lot of money and a camera. Sound familiar? This guide could be for you. WARNING: may have sudden urge to book tickets away almost immediately after you left a comment below…


D A Y  O N E

G L A S G O W  C I T Y


After getting rid of luggage, we wandered around the city.  Simple, free and incredibly touristy, which sums up most of my trips away. It’s a must. I feel it’s the best way to warm up your camera skills, get the feel/vibe of the place (and what theme your instagram’s probs gonna be) and start shooting!


The buidlings alone are instagram worthy but through the city centre, past the metro (cutest, mini version of London Underground) and find an aseptically pleasing bridge over the River Clyde. I’ve tried to find out the name of it but ‘suspension bridge’ is all that I found…and it’s not glam enough to use in this blog post.

Whilst on the bridge, we noticed some wall art back down on the ground – hello instagram wall.

city copy


G E O R G E  S Q U A R E

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

George square is another FAB location for outfit shoots as well as landscape photography. Hitting two birds with one stone for sure. Me and Yas (check her blog here) got straight to it after scouring the city for an outfit spot. Admittedly, we took a while to find one as I think we were looking for a location that wasn’t there. Cute, quiet street with cobble stones. But we soon realized, in the middle of Glasgow city was not the best place. So we settled for George Square and I’m SO glad we did.

The buildings that are part of the civic square are Council Headquarters and, more importantly, make the perfect back drop. Power poses at the ready!



A S H T O N  L A N E

Ashton Lane 2

We then took the metro to Hillhead and walked to Ashton Lane. Lit by draping fairy lights, lined with quirky bars & coated with cobble stones, it hit all sweet spots for us bloggers.

Ashton Lane 3

We enjoyed our lunch in an old fashioned movie theatre; Grosvenor that was dressed for Halloween. We came back a few days later at night to see the lane in all it’s glory.

Photo 30-10-2017, 11 42 26



G L A S G O W  U N I V E R S I T Y

Uni 1

Another short walk took us to the well known university of Glasgow. I wasn’t going to mention the resemblance it has to Hogwarts, but as a massive Potter geek, that would be borderline illegal. Ive hear that JK Rowling had the architecture of these buildings in mind when creating the series which wouldn’t surprise me.

The grounds are open to the public and you can walk around till you’re heart’s content. It’s also on top of a hill so the views from here are incredible! Deffo add this to your Glasgow list.


D A Y  T W O

L O C H  L O M O N D

Loch 3

An hour/hour 15 train journey got us to Loch Lomond. The second day in & we were craving those classic, scottish views. It called for a Loch! Our route from Glasgow City involved a train to Balloch with 1 change at Kilpartick. As soon as we arrived in Balloch, a boat trip ticket stand stood right infront of us. We booked for 3:30pm and low & behold, golden hour was upon us.

A BOAT TRIP IN GOLDEN HOUR. Instagram Heaven. The shots we were getting and continuously taking 100% showed our priorities as 99% of the boat were there for the history. Us being the 1% were there for the views….*cough* gram.

You know a little shoot sesh has gone well when you’re struggling to choose between 8 shots.

With the trip being an hour long, we headed on a short forest walk to another view point of the Loch which was DEAD. By this point it was around 5pm, the temperature was dropping, so people were heading home. This meant we had the mini, stoney beach all to ourselves. Cue shoot time.

loch 10

We stayed and had a Sunday Roast at the Tullie Inn, but for some reason the pub thought we didn’t need gravy with our roasts and getting a jug or 5 was like getting blood out of a stone. Wouldn’t recommend, but the wine went don’t a treatTtT. We then headed back to Ashton lane for cocktails!

loch 9


D A Y  T H R E E

T H E  B U T T E R F L Y  A N D  T H E  P I G  T E A  R O O M S

Tea Room

Our last day in Glasgow, and we hadn’t had a proper Scottish fry. Obviously this had to be done, so off we ventured to the Butterfly and The Pig Tea Room. It’s exactly what you’d imagine a Scottish Tea Room to be like. Cute, trinkety, with mismatched furniture.

What we didn’t realize, was how big the portions were. Considering I headed to scotland 3 times a year from the age of 3-14,  you would’ve thought I’d be used to it. But no. Our veggie fries were served to us on SERVING PLATES. We paid £10 for the mammoth meal along with a pot of tea each, orange/apple juice and water. No. Complaints. Here. The rice/lentil thing you can see is vegetarian haggis – RECOMMEND.

It would’ve been great to know what their cakes tasted like but having eaten our body weight in beans and buttered toast, we were off to explore the city once again.



K E L V I N  G R O V E  M U S E U M


Free to enter, this was recommended to us by not only trusty google, but by the locals too. Admittedly, I took everyone here by mistake as I thought the botanical gardens were near but example A of why I shouldn’t be in charge of directions.

art 2

I’m glad I did make that rookie error though. I mean look inside, it was cool and made me feel cultured. There was a lot of taxidermy which I guess is the norm for museums, but not the norm for me. So we headed back to the city centre (ubers were £3) to do some outfit shooting.

It was then time to part ways with Glasgow and head back to Hertfordshire. Typing this post up made me realize how much we got up to in just 3 days. What I haven’t mentioned is the night out we had after Day One so, we really did jam it all in. But I hop you enjoyed this quick guide to instagram in Glasgow! Let me know if you want to see more photo diaries/guides on here.

I’ll be going on lots more short city breaks, I’ve just come back from 2 days in Brighton which, unfortunately, wasn’t enough time for me to do a full on guide. But a 2 day post may be coming your way soon.

These breaks genuinely help to get me through day to day life. I’m not 100% happy & settled yet as my goal is to live with Matt which will more than likely involve me moving. So knowing you’re not at your PEAK happiness can get me down a little. City breaks give me a focus and injects some excitement into my life. Excitement for adventures, spending time with peeps I love and allowing me to get back into my hobby.

Any questions, just ask xo






17 responses to “Shoot The City Series: Glasgow, An Instagram Guide”

  1. Megan McCoig says:

    Ok well Glasgow is just heaven isn’t it. I so so need to go! Your red trousers girls, absolutely killing it. LOVE THIS POST & missed you !!! Xx

    • lexilife says:

      It’s so lush! I deffo didn’t explore the majority of it though so it’s so nice to know there’s more to come! Thanks so much babe MISSED YA xx

  2. It looks soooo beaut here! I’ve been before but can’t really remember it, defo need to go back!!! AND THOSE TROUSERS!!! Rocking the flares 😍😍😍

  3. Such a gorgeous post! My uni is just off George Square so I’m usually dashing across it super windswept running to class! I’m glad you loved Glasgow you definitely crammed a lot into 3 days 🙂 xx

    • lexilife says:

      Ah no way! You’re SO lucky to have a uni so close to George Square, it’s stunning! And I’m glad someone’s confirmed that we did well to squeeze all that in! Was shattered, but so worth it. I wanna come back! xx

      • Yes George Square is gorgeous! You really did get to see all the amazing sites and I’m glad that you got to see the Grosvenor Cinema its so cute! When you come back next time you should visit Edinburgh as well! xx

  4. I was thinking about a trip to Scotland for the new year and now you have just made it a definite must – I mean that veggie brekkie is calling me for a start and it’s bloody 10:12pm!! 😂 – Thanks for the review, I’d love to read more similar reviews!

    • lexilife says:

      Hahaha YES! My work here is done. That fry up will go down in history in my eyes haha was so good. I’d LOVE to do these all the time but my lifestyle atm (working full time) isn’t supporting it!! xx

  5. Lorelie Joy says:

    Glasgow looks insanely beautiful! That’s definitely on my bucket list 😻😻
    Ljoy x

  6. jessieann48 says:

    Scotland is truly beautiful! I’ve been to Edinburgh twice but would love to visit Glasgow, and Loch Lamond looks incredible. Amazing photography girlie! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • lexilife says:

      The Loch was my fave destination of the trip! It was straight out of a desktop screensaver. But in HD haha! Thanks so much!xxxx

  7. Frances says:

    Amazing Katy! I feel like Glasgow gets a bit over looked – if I ever went to Scotland I would think of Edinburgh for sure. Love all of your pictures! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion Beauty Lifestyle

    • lexilife says:

      Aw Frances thank you!! Glasgow is so seen as Edinburghs ugly sister which is so wrong! It’s stunning and was so easy to take beaut pictures! Thanks so much for reading xxx

  8. Jess Athorn says:

    I’ve missed your posts on here but I hope you’re enjoying the new job? It’s going to be one of my new years resolutions to go on more city breaks next year so I’ll definitely be adding Glasgow to the list!

    Jess |

  9. Cathy Milliken says:

    Ah wish I’d known you’d come to Glasgow, I’d have met you and brought you through to Paisley(15mins away) as we have beautiful buildings and an Abbey which I think you’d both have liked. Next time you come give me a shout and this oldie will show you round here. You’ve now seen more of Glasgow’s wee nooks n crannies than I have, and I worked in Glasgow for 15yrs lol xx

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