First Impressions: BeautyPie, The New Makeup Brand on The Block

29th August 2017

I genuinely forgot what it was like to get really embarrassingly excited over a new makeup brand. I’ve been so stuck in my lane full of Rimmel, L’Oreal and other drugstore favorites to take a look around and see that you can be a member of a makeup brand. A MEMBER. Introducing, BeautyPie!

A bit about how BeautyPie works

We all know when it comes to buying items in a shop, whether it’s clothing, food or makeup, there’s a cost price (how ever much it cost to make and create the product) and a retail price (in order for shops to gain profit/break even).

BeautyPie offers a membership where you can buy EVERYTHING at COST. PRICE. Straight off the production line, you can get your hands on not just cosmetics, but skincare and beauty tools – which after this review, I am SO intrigued to try. Head to their website, select a product and see how the cost is calculated, they have a full breakdown of each product!

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Members can save up to 80% on items sold by BeautyPie for only £10 a month. You have the option of paying monthly for a minimum of 3 months, to see how much you could save and how you feel about it, or all at once for the year at £120. With the latter plan, you get a gift set worth £90…just sayin.

You can only spend £100 a month and whatever you don’t spend rolls over to the next month – a fab way of budgeting if you’re addicted to buying makeup. Even your retailer is saying ENOUGH. But you’ll see as this blogpost goes on, with foundation costing only a fiver, it’ll be an achievement to spend over £100 a month…


I received 5 items from BeautyPie to review, and after working together on a potential blog post idea, we settled on a Full Face First Impressions. Now, 5 products for a full face is impressive and borderline 2007 style. Oh dream matte mousse how I totes do not miss you. I haven’t managed to create a full makeup look with these 5 beauties, but I’ve had enough variety in products and worked on different areas of the face to make my mind up on the brand…


Everyday Great Skin Foundation – 400 Buff (Warm Undertone)

£30.00 – Online Buyer Cost

£4.76 – Members Cost

This was my first time choosing a foundation shade online and it wasn’t easy. It was a bit of a stab in the dark that kinda worked but kinda backfired. I think it’s a little too dark for me, but with a whole lotta fake tan and some lightening with concealer, I made it work. PHEW. Ideally, I’d like a lighter colour but it’s definitely usable.

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I’m used to heavy duty, full coverage foundation. I’m talking two different types mixed and slathered on – lovely. So, admittedly, I was surprised to see my skin look so natural. I’m not used to it. I’d say it’s a medium to high coverage foundation with it’s main ingredient being water. I’ve recently swotted up on foundation and primer pairing all thanks to Shanxo – QUEEN – which has meant I’ve become slightly obsessed with ingredients and compatibility. ANYWAY.

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The smell isn’t the best smelling foundation I’ve ever got my hands on, but the formula completely makes up for it. BeautyPie describes it as ‘Featherweight’ and I couldn’t agree more. It feels like I’m not wearing anything on my face (which as a foundation addict, is rare). It also set really nicely with my No7 Translucent powder which is a huge pro. Heading into London for a 9-5 job everyday means I need this face to LAST. So to see it not separate or go oily, was a YAY moment! The only thing I would say is the fact it comes with no lid, just a twisty cap that locks the pump. Would be so much better travel wise but I don’t plan on taking my foundation anywhere but my makeup drawer!


Wondercolour Cream Eyeshadow StickGoldie & Brazillionaire

£20.00 – Online Buyer Cost

£2.22 – Members Cost

Introducing the saviours of my quick, early morning get ready routine. Anything that makes doing my eyeshadow in the morning faster but still looking on FLEEK (yeah I cringed too) then it’s mine. All mine. I’m SO impressed by these shadow sticks I’m left staring at the rest of the range online as well as the FantasticColour Eye Crayons.

They’re perfect for applying all over the lid after a transitional shade in the crease. The fret with most cream eyeshadows is the dreaded creasing throughout the day. I don’t want my eyelids looking like the outside of a raisin believe it or not. If this isn’t a hint as to my past experiences with cream eyeshadows then I dunno what is.

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Brazillionaire, Goldie

NO RAISIN EYELIDS HERE PEOPLE. I’m not sure how it works and lasts so nicely throughout the day. But it does. And I love them. SO PIGMENTED TOO YAS.

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Wearing Brazillionare

I got given two shades: Brazillionaire and Goldie. Brazillionare is a lot more my kinda shade – lighter and bronzier. Whereas Goldie is more of a  dark slate kinda colour with underlying gold glitter (the swatch is the light reflecting off of the shimmer – how insane, am I right?) running through it. Deffo one for the winter! Going by the over and above quality of these shadow sticks… Eye Crayons…I’m looking at you.


Uber Curl Drama Mascara – Ultra Black

£20.00 – Online Buyer Cost

£2.33 – Members Cost

The wand got me intrigued straight away.  I don’t remember the last time that a mascara did the job – and my job I mean lengthen and volumize – the first time I tried it. I always found some mascaras work better once you’ve broken them in a bit (anyone else?).

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With this BeautyPie mascara, the results were instant. No weeks of using the overloaded brush to get to the stage where the mascara’s just right. Admittedly, the mascara isn’t the best for the bottom lashes as the brush is rather large. I stick to smaller wands for those to avoid clumpage.

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NEW IN – Pro-Glow Super Strobing Drops – OMG – Illuminati

£22.00 – Online Buyer Cost

£3.86 – Members Cost

Saving the best till last. LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER. My recent, unhealthy obsession with all things glowy has turned into a long term love affair. They’re not the summer fling I thought they might be.

I’ve built up a collection over the past few months and have quite the variety each with different price tags. Each one melts – I like to use the word melt when it comes to liquid highlighters so bare with – into my cheek and brow bones differently. And I’ve come to the conclusion that BeautyPie have it DOWN!

There’s no chunks of glitter, it’s a smooth formula and can be as subtle or as strobing as you like.  I recently received the Iconic London Illuminator Drops too so let me know if you’d like a comparison post! The shade is stunning and goes with most makeup looks. As a bronze lover, it couldn’t get much better.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

This product is PERFECT. PERFECT OK. It’s super buildable which is perfect given the job I’m in and the hobbies I have….what I mean by this is, I need a subtle glow at work and a blinding one at events. If it so happens I have an event in the evening after work, I can quite easily blend some more over the top without it going patchy.

 Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

I’m genuinely so impressed by BeautyPie, especially the way their service works too. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed after seeing Fluer de Force and Lily Pebbles rave about them too. Now the post is over, I need to wipe the drool from my chin after staring at more of their products online. I’d love to know what you think about this new, up & coming brand!

Let me know in the comments what products you like the look of most and if you’d like to try their service out! I’m a Beauty Pie CONVERT!

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  1. Kirby Small says:

    Beauty Pie looks amazing! The products you received are so so perfect for you, shame about the colour of the foundation but at that price at least you can rebuy! Love the sound of it! Xx

  2. It’s such a cool, unique idea – I’m in love with those eyeshadow sticks! And am v jealous of your photography skills! x

  3. As soon as payday drops, I am definitely going to be investing in Beauty Pie products! Great post!

  4. Megan McCoig says:

    Omg I really need to try it ALL! Those bade products oh wow. So beautiful on the skin!!! Xx

  5. imogenroseblogs says:

    You did such a lovely job with this metallic makeup look – gorgeous xx Imogen

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