A Brunch In London: Mustard

12th August 2017

I’m so happy to finally be sharing a part of my life that I don’t often bring to the blog. FOOD. GOING OUT. TO EAT. LOTS. If you’ve been keeping up with me over on my YouTube channel, particularly my university vlogs, you’ll know I love a bite to eat. And when I say ‘bite’ I mean A PLATTER ok, I don’t mess about. I’m also really wanting to look into the hospitality and decor side of blogging, so stay tuned for some different posts.

So this post is all about Mustard. Not English, not Dijon and not French. Mustard is a vibrant, British brasserie located in Hammersmith (short walk from Westfields at Shepards Bush) offering Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I was fortunate to be taken by a lovely Digital PR Company before heading to the Cancer Research Labs for a tour with F&F Clothing from Tesco, read all about it here! The time of our meeting being 11.30am meant one thing and one thing only; BRUNCH.

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My first impressions of Mustard is how much of a hidden gem it seems just from the outside. You know those places you walk past, have a good old stare and then make a mental note to come back and visit? Mustard 100% fell into that category, and luckily enough for me, the day I saw the exterior was the day I got to dine!
The exterior matched the name with mustard signs and an awning for those that wanting to enjoy Mustard’s hospitality outside. The rest of the exterior decor was near enough black creating a super classy feel to it. I feel myself warming to places with just a single pop of colour, maybe because it makes pictures 10x more instagrammable. Guilty.
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Walking in, I was taken aback at the modern take on vintage style dining. Mustard in itself could be said to be a significant 60/70s colour, but the decor was stunning. Plush (mustard ofc) leather sofas run along the sides of the restaurant with a kind of frosted, mirrored backboard to help brighten up the room, a dark pine bar with gold panels and mustard stools, all complete with a black and white checkered floor.

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Once seated with the company taking me out for the day, it was time to order. Check out their menus here!
In all honesty – please don’t hurt me – brunch is not my favourite. Mainly because it’s the one meal that makes me feel SUPER fussy. I don’t eat eggs, avocado or meat…and some fruit. So that basically leaves me with hash browns, beans and lots of mushrooms which I am NOT complaining about. However it can make it tricky when eating out for brunch.

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I cannot speak for the rest of the menu as I only looked at the brunch section, but I know Mustard offer a wide range of dishes whether you’re wanting a light bite such as a croissant or a full on breakfast, with a veggie option too. They also accommodate for gluten free options!
I went for the Raisin Bread and Butter Pudding served with Strawberries. Some may say it’s a dessert. I’m not ashamed. It was DELICIOUS. It came with cream too which I may’ve treated myself too. But it was a super warming, comforting way to start my day in London.
I was joined by 4 others who all had very different meals to me and everyone’s arrived on time. It’s a pet hate of mine to have dishes come out sporadically as there’s an awkward ‘Do I start eating?’ moment. But no, none of that happened and we all tucked in  a good 15/20 minutes after ordering. I also ordered a mocha with my food and some peppermint tea to finish off.

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All in all, it was such a lovely experience and would happily eat there again. Especially as it’s only a short distance from Shepards Bush where I may be visiting again soon for some sale shopping. Perhaps for Lunch or maybe an evening meal as those timings and meals are a lot less fussy for me. But that’s nothing against Mustard. The hospitality was fab and the decor had me sold straight away!

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This is the perfect spot for business lunches, meeting up with friends or treating your other half to a relaxing evening out.
I hope you enjoyed my review of one of the most sophisticated places I’ve had the pleasure to eat brunch in! Let me know your thoughts and if you’ll be visiting soon.

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  1. Megan McCoig says:

    First up. Mustard couches, IM IN! The interior here is just so beaut, I need to visit. Also, your food looks divine and is making me soooo hungry! Xxx

  2. Kirby Small says:

    This looks sooo pretty! Definitely a hidden gem as I’d never think to go over to Shepherd’s Bush for brunch!! Lovely post xxx

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