An Eye Opening Day w/ Tesco F&F Clothing & Cancer Research UK – Start Donating Clothes!

4th August 2017

Do you have a ridiculous amount of clothes you no longer wear but continue to ignore and let them fill up your drawers and wardrobe? This isn’t me pretending I don’t. I most definitely do. But they’re currently stacked in piles, folded and ready to be donated. If there’s anything to take from this post – is to do exactly that and donate your unwanted clothes to your local Tesco!

Bit of a different post from me today, but it’s a style I want to try and incorporate into my blog more with respect to blogger trips/press trips and outings in general. This ones focussed on charity and gives some tips/ideas on what you could do to help beat cancer faster.

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I really enjoy reading other blogger’s write ups on their trips out/press days/stay-cations as well as following it all on instastories – I sound like a stalker now but I know you do it too. So I thought why not do the same and bring my real life experiences into my virtual, online world.

Tesco F&F Clothing & Cancer Research UK

For those of you who kept up with me on social media, I think you may’ve been a little confused with this trip. Don’t worry I’ll explain. It wasn’t a press trip, it wasn’t celebrating a new product launch. F&F Clothing, otherwise known as Tesco’s branch of clothing sold in store, arranged a day out for me and 3 other bloggers to understand the work that goes into the charity that is Cancer Research UK. Tesco and CRUK have a 16 year long partnership and have raised £40 million. Uhm. Wow.
So all those Race For Life’s and encouragement to clear out your wardrobe to donate you see here, there and everywhere – this amazing partnership is what it goes towards. Last year over 100 Tesco stores collected unwanted clothing for Cancer Research, which reminded me to sort out my overflowing wardrobe floordrobe. It’s got to the point where I’m wearing about 10% (random, uneducated guess but you get the point) of what’s in my wardrobe. Not cool. But I know what IS cool (cringe), to go and donate my unwanted, unworn clothes to a worthy cause. *cheesy grin with teeth sparkles*.

The Lab Tour

So now you know a bit about their partnership, here’s some info about the trip. Tesco organized a day out at the Cancer Research Labs at the CRUK Imperial Centre at Imperial College.
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Below are some pictures of inside of the building. I had to snap away and pretend I know lots about what makes buildings pretty and the architecture of it all. Bottom line is; it looks cool.  It’s the least hospital-looking building I’ve ever come across, yet in all of those rooms & windows you can see, so much work is going into beating cancer.

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The tour of the labs was to really help us understand the work that goes into the charity and the SUPER brainy people that help make it happen.
We arrived at the ICTEM Building and were given a talk by Dr James Flanagan, a cancer researcher specializing in epigenetics. Then we went on a tour of the labs, all of which we did wearing snazzy lab coats. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be back in one of those things. The flashback of my Chemistry A-level was intense.
I couldn’t get over the work that goes into researching cancer and it really did hit home. The fact that people are working every single day to try and beat it. And I didn’t just learnt that from an infographic online. I saw it with my own eyes.
There was a stat mention in the presentation (I can’t quite remember it exactly, there was a lot of information) that stated ‘CRUK took 9 years to develop a drug that would work against cancer, and it took cancer 9 weeks to work out how to avoid it’.

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Going back to the point I started with – donating clothes. If you’re looking at your old clothes like ‘no ones gonna wanna wear this’, no worries – Tesco work with Love Your Clothes who specialise in up cycling and repairing clothes.

Hope you enjoyed this post and that you’re looking forward to different content as opposed to just beauty stuff. So yay! Feel free to comment your thoughts. I reply to every single one.

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10 responses to “An Eye Opening Day w/ Tesco F&F Clothing & Cancer Research UK – Start Donating Clothes!”

  1. Megan McCoig says:

    This post has really made me think… I need todo a wardrobe clear out and get donating! Such a fabulous cause to donate to and looks like you had such a good day with the team! Xxx

  2. This post was so insightful, and I had no idea that Tesco were doing this!! Defo digging out those old clothes and donating, I’d LOVE for someone to find a cure so this world can beat cancer once and for all 🙌🏼 xxx

    • lexilife says:

      Aw thank you Frances, I had no idea either! They also donate a whole school uniform to a child in the area it was made whenever someone buys a single item of F&F school wear. First this and now the tampon tax! Yes tesco!x

  3. Sarah says:

    It was such an eye opening day wasn’t it!? Such a beautifully written post Katy and thank you for bringing me along 💕

  4. What a fab post and an amazing experience for you, totally eye-opening. I give everything to those who fight against cancer, they work so so hard, it must be a really interesting job!

    Alice May Snell ♡

    • lexilife says:

      Thanks Alice!! Yes it was truly amazing to see what people put into fighting cancer. So glad you enjoyed reading this xx

  5. Kirby Small says:

    Ah sounds like such an interesting day!! I’m definitely going to be donating a big bag of clothes when I get back from holiday, I didn’t realise this was going on between Tesco & Cancer Research so thanks so much for posting! Xxxx

  6. Jess Athorn says:

    Wow that sounds like such a good opportunity to learn more about what actually goes into beating cancer, I’ve always donated my old clothes to charity shops but never thought of taking them to Tesco so I’ll make sure to include them in the future!

    Jess x

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