A Peek into the Luxury Beauty Box by Cohorted

20th July 2017
Ok so unboxing’s on my blog and YouTube channel are definitely becoming a thing now. I’m sorry if it’s not your cup of tea, but it is deffo mine. In fact, they’re more than a cup of tea. Make it a deluxe hot chocolate with all the toppings. I enjoy them way too much to not carry on and hopefully so do you!
Speaking of deluxe items…this is the July Unboxing for Cohorted, a  luxury beauty subscription service. I’m acting all chill and relaxed now but in reality, I was so uncool and over excited over on my channel (I do video unboxings too).
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I mean you only really have to take a look to know it’s a luxury product. And that’s just the outside. What is it about a black matte box with a thick, sturdy ribbon that holds a bow more than my hair holds a kink? And that’s saying something!
If you’d prefer to watch me unbox this in the video form – feel free! Remember to subscribe and give it a thumbs up, you know the drill.

For this box, you pay £35 each month which is pricey in comparison to other unboxings I’ve done, but you’ll soon see that you get what you pay for…and some. Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on this exact box as Cohorted work one month in advance. For e.g you order & pay in July for the August box, meaning you would’ve needed to order this box in June. But if you like the look of this – head on over to grab yourself next month’s box and join me in my excitement!!

BellaPierré Cosmetics – Contour & Highlight Cream Palette


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As you could tell in my youtube video, I could not believe that I was picking up a £40 palette from a £35.00 subscription box. My brain took a while to compute that this is what was happening. And once it did, I was ecstatic!
Inside are 6 shades that, despite how they look, are all really different. At first glance it looked like 3 highlight and 3 contour. When actually, there’s a bit of a banana shade and a light pink, color correcting shade in there too (SUPER HANDY FOR UNDER EYE BAGGAGE).

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I’ve always been cautious scared of cream contouring mainly due to the fact it can all go so wrong, so muddy, so quickly. But this formula blends instantly and flawlessly. I’ve used the contour shades and they lasted ALL DAY including traveling into London from portsmouth, on tubes, doing a yoga class and heading back home again. That’s 9am – 9pm. No sign of a contour that looks like I’m wearing tribal paint. WINNER!

Doucce – Punk Volumizing Mascara


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Ok before we proceed, it’s pronounced ‘Do-Say’ (not Douche) after the lovely Cohorted team advised me. I KNEW it was to be said with a little bit of an accent.
When it comes to my mascara, I’m pretty loyal. I reckon my Maybelline Lash Sensational thinks I’m a little needy. I’ve only just managed to let Benefit Roller Lash onto the scene (LOVE). So it’s safe to say I was sceptical when I saw that one of the 4 products inside was a mascara.

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The brush size is HUGE for me. But I’m willing to give it a go, especially after seeing an instastory from Doucce and the effects of the mascara. I used to LOVE big brushes but found it was 10x easier for my lashes to get clumpy. But maybe 13 year old Katy was part to blame for that…
I’m excited to try a £20 mascara though! Who wouldn’t be?

Doucce – Luscious Lip Stain in Holiday Getaway


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This is a lip stain set from Doucce again that is definitely the fanciest looking liquid lipsticks I’ve ever owned. In fact thats wrong, ones a liquid lip and the other is a gloss. I tried them on in my video so if you wanted to see the application and results close up, feel free to watch (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIEdZkYdclo&t=25s).
So this product effectively gives you two products in one. You can choose to leave the lips matte by using just the liquid lipstick, or add a glossy top coat. The matte was SO comfortable and not drying. It creased a little but as someone who doesn’t have any lip fillers, that’s normal.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 9.11.42 AM

The gloss on top was again, very comfortable! Not sticky. Smooth on application and it didn’t feel heavy or that it was stringing together overtime my lips touched. I prefer it with the gloss!
In fact I’m so happy, that I’m using it as my Grad Ball lip to help tie my look together. I may do my makeup look on my channel for that too, I’m thinking gold glitter cut crease with a bronzed face and orange lip YUM.

Ciaté – Glow-To Illuminating Blush in Matchmaker


I’ve been drooling over Ciaté ever since I started beauty blogging 11 months back and now I’m SO happy to be able to say I have a product!! And it’s so beautiful = one of the main reasons why I’ve always admired products from them.

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This is a real subtle rose blush that has hints of gold shimmer running through it. I’ve never been a fan of completely matte blushes. The more glow the better!
This is actually now part of my every day make routine and I couldn’t be happier with it. Ciaté, I’m hooked!
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So that’s everything inside of the July Cohorted Box and it’s safe to say I am SUPER impressed. With only a payment of £35, you get £104 worth of products. SHOOK TO THE CORE! I’m totally in love with this box, so thank you very much to Cohorted for sending it over – so grateful!

What was your fave product?! Let me know in the comments, I wanna chat xoxo

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11 responses to “A Peek into the Luxury Beauty Box by Cohorted”

  1. This box is 😍😍 I so want to have a go with that contour palette!!! And the lip shade is so beaut on you!! Gorgeous pictures xxx

  2. Kristy says:

    The contents of the Cohorted beauty boxes always impress me, I absolutely love the look of the palette. I haven’t played much with cream contour and this palette looks perfect to do just that.

    Kristy | http://www.thevioletblonde.com

  3. Everything in this box looks beautiful, that lipstick looks stunning, I love it, it really suits you as well! This is impressive content in a box, it all looks great! I have never played much with cream contour, I only use powder! So many bloggers have been talking about it though, I would like to test it out.
    Lois x

    • lexilife says:

      Isn’t it such a good mix of luxury! As a student, I was totally blown away haha. Yes I’ve finally bit the bullet with the help of this box and I now use it every day! Especially to contour my nose – looks a lot more natural! xx

  4. LuxeStyle says:

    It sounds like such good value for the kind of products you’re getting! Such a good way of trying new things x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  5. Sarah says:

    £35 is such an amazing price for all of these products! Loving the look of the highlight and contour palette and a subtle blush is right up my street! Loved this post Katy and the video was so fun to watch 💕

    • lexilife says:

      Aw thank you Sare! Yeah two of them are now part of my daily makeup routine so it’s a winner in my books! Thanks so much babe xx

  6. Kirby Small says:

    These photos are beautiful! Love the sound of the cohorted box, that lippie suits you sooo much! Xx

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