Inside the July 2017 GlossyBox

9th July 2017

BEFORE YOU READ AHEAD AND MAYBE HAVE A LITTLE PEEK OF MY BLOG** Yes. There’s 2 glossy box unboxing’s nearly in a row, one for June and this one for July so it’s gonna look like I’ve taken a whole month off blogging (nothing wrong with that except I haven’t). I received the June box late in June and the July box early in July! Ok, enough silly justification and on with the post.

This month’s box is clearly all about summer. Whether it’s getting the glow, looking after your skin or some hair care (i.e some pretty hairbands to help scrape everything back as soon as you walk in the door because of the HEAT) this month has you covered. I also enjoy how glamorous the box design is. It kinda makes me feel better and more ‘chic’ about the amount I’ve sweated on the tubes recently.

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Like always, inside the box is some information on the products as well as a perfectly wrapped up, pretty, pink tissue paper parcel (tongue twister). I’m not sure how they do it if I’m honest. I think I just need to look at tissue paper and it’s creased. As for the ribbon, I get way too much satisfaction untying it.

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Bella Pierre Cosmetics Banana Powder – FULL SIZE!

£27.14 ($35.00)

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I’m ALL about setting that under eye. If you’ve watched some of my videos before, I would’ve more than likely spoken about my horrendous bags. Under eye bags that is. I quite like my normal bags. I’ve always suffered with dark circles, so anything that’ll cover, brighten and set is a winner winner chicken dinner.
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I’ve started to use translucent powder to bake & set as it really does make a difference in terms of brightness. But I thought brushing some banana powder before you bake might help to further cover those dark circles. I’ve got a loose pigment eyeshadow from Bella Pierre and it’s INSANE. The quality and pigmentation is one of the best I’ve used. So I have high hopes for this!

Spectrum Collections A10 ‘Feeling Fancy’ Brush


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Hands up who’s always wanted to try Spectrum Brushes?? *raises both hands..and legs, weird*. I’ve always admired this brand from afar. Their mermaid themed shell sets have always made my jaw drop. I also kinda feel like I’ve watched them grow. I’ve always been in the background as I said, admiring from afar, but they’ve really taken off and made a stamp in the blogging community. A good stamp. And I’m super happy for them!
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You have no idea how long I’ve wanted a little fan brush like this. I mean who else feels like a top beauty youtube guru when using one?? I’m yet to properly test it out, but I’m actually on the hunt for the perfect highlight brush. I’ve been playing around with the denseness and shape of brushes to see what gives me the best result.

Monu Spa Soothing After Sun Lotion

£11.08 Deluxe Sample

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Monu Spa is a brand that keeps cropping up every now and again. But for all the good reasons. I’ve received their facial mist as part of another subscription service and I LOVE it. Especially in this heat. Unfortunately I’m not going away anywhere this year. So it’s a bit like salt in the wound when I receive products that have a purpose related to jetting away. But I’m swallowing my pride and appreciating the product, especially from Monu Spa!

Papaganda Sprial Hair Ties x 2

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I love spiral hair ties. But what I love more about them is that everyone seems to have different names for them or they’re not quite sure what they’re called. I’m going with spiral hair ties. I received a pink band and a clear band. I’m not a huge fan of bright, barbie pink. So I was really happy to see that GlossyBox gave you a choice of two bands!
These spiral bands are meant to be a lot better for your hair. If you suffer with breakages and brittleness, these are not only safer but create hardly ANY KINKS!! Nothing worse than waking up in the morning with mad professor vibes. I always have one or two on my wrist. Annoyingly, it ruins some outfit pictures for me as I forget I have them on. Perfectionist problems.

Snail Essence Wrinkle-Smoothing Mask

Ok. I’m a bit scared. But scared can be good right? SNAIL??? I’m yet to try this mask out, but it’s infused with the up and coming anti-ageing ingredient – snail gel. It was discovered that this ingredient heals wounds, scars and rehydrates the skin. This rehydration drastically improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
It only costs £1.50, so I’m not expecting results similar to my GlamGlow mask. I think I need to not think about what’s placed on my face. A bit like when you eat black pudding or eggs…you don’t really wanna think too much.

That’s everything for the July GlossyBox. It costs £10.00 (plus postage) and it’s worth a whopping £52.70!!

Get it HERE

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I’m so thrilled to be doing this series with GlossyBox. I genuinely believe this is worth the money and they’re such lovely people! I mean I was sold at the Banana Powder & Spectrum Brush if I’m honest!

What was your fave product? Would you order this box?







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  1. This looks like suchhhh a good box!!! So envious that it’s got a spectrum brush in it 😍😩 amazing pictures too xx

  2. Sare says:

    Loved this post Katy! The box’s contents looks incredibly, you’re making me want to start a subscription 😅

  3. Charlene McElhinney says:

    The banana setting powder looks amazing!!!!

  4. Kirby Small says:

    The fan brush is amazing isn’t it!!! X

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