Easy & Delicious Banoffee Protein Smoothie

11th May 2017

Quick Recipe Post Alert!

So this was one of those moments where I craved something sweet on a hot day and needed to get my protein in. I looked in my cupboards, moaned that we didn’t have any chocolate and repeated around 5 times. All of a sudden, I had the idea to make a smoothie that would cure my sweet tooth & get me that protein after a workout.

Banoffee Smoothie

It’s THE EASIEST thing ever, and somehow tastes like banoffee pie. With only 1 tablespoon of nutella being the naughty bit, I’m a little confused as to why I HAVEN’T DONE THIS BEFORE. Here’s the recipe:

1 Frozen Banana (frozen part optional)

1 Ice Cube

2 Scoops vanilla protein powder

1 Tbsp of Nutella

Big old plug of Soya Milk (any milk really)


The method for this is just blend it all up and see this chocolatey shake form before your eyes! I have no idea have it eventually tasted like banoffee as I was after nutella and banana, but it did. And I have no regrets.

Let me know if you try it!

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