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8th May 2017
Ok I know I’m late to the Lush-Loving party, but I’ve finally arrived people and I’m OBSESSED! To explain myself, I’ve never really been drawn to bath bombs due to the condition and ‘cleanliness’ of my previous student accommodation (If you’re a student – you kno). But now I have my own place with my boyfriend and, more importantly, a clean bath, I WANT ALL THE BATH BOMBS THAT EXIST.
Some of these are from Matt as a birthday present whilst others are gifts to me from me! I just thought this would make a nice little blog post introducing Lush to my blog. God I’m such a newbie. I’m sure many of you have used these products before, let me know which is your fave and what ones I should check out next – you’re the pros!

Sex Bomb

I don’t think I’ve seen a more photogenic bath bomb in my life. Costing £3.75, this is one of Lush’s cheaper bombs. As you can imagine, this creates a pretty pink colour and leaves a little rose soap floating in the bath. This is created to wave goodbye to anxious, tense and stressy vibes with a special blend of Jasmine, yang ylang and sage.


This is a Japanese inspired bath bomb with it translated into english meaning ‘Cherry Blossom’. Admittedly it isn’t one of the most exciting bath bombs to look at when you compare it to intergalactic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not pretty. It fizzes into a white/cream foam with specs of iridescent pink and green scattered around. The scent is floral and fruity due to it containing mimosa and jasmine. Have you tried this one?

The Experimenter

I find the smell so distinctive with this one. Let alone the colours! It’s just so fun! I logged onto the Lush website and was shook. Royally, shook. 22 ingredients in one bomb! No wonder the smell is so unique. Mainly scented with vanilla which is just a comfort blanket in a scent right? This was my first ever lush bath bomb i tried and I feel like it’s really set the bar high! What was your first bath bomb?

Whoosh Shower Jelly

Full of grapefruit, honey water & lime, this is just the type of shower scents I love. I’m all for citrusy, wake-me-up kinda smells and the lady who worked in Lush Portsmouth knew the exact scent I needed. Whoosh has lasted me well over a month now and it’s still got a way to go before running out. A common misconception is to rip off parts of the jelly and use in small quantities. This is basically breaking and ruining the product. It’s best to scoop all of it out and rub directly onto your skin with warm water so it lathers and acts as a shower jel! It can also double up as bubble bath too – although I’d recommend not running it directly under the tap as it can break a bit (oops). Swirling it around would do just perfectly!

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

I have a feeling this might’ve been a limited edition product or discontinued as I can’t see to find it online anywhere! I tested (smelled) all of their original lip scrubs and preferred this by miles. It’s sweet but without the sickly vibe to it, more fruity. Perfect. I use this to exfoliate my lips and get rid of the dry skin and to prep my lips before I’m off out or at an event of some sort. If I want them juicy – using this and rubbing gently with a face cloth after works amazingly!

Whats your fave bath bomb? Recommend me some!

6 responses to “Current Lush Collection”

  1. Fed says:

    Welcome to the World of Lush… there are no emergency exits. You will be into Lush forever! 😛 I recommend a bubble bar called Comforter 🙂 It took a while for my wife to bring me round on Lush but I think it was the Comforter that was the one that finally made me appreciate it 🙂

    • lexilife says:

      Ah yes I’ve been eyeing that one up for a while! Think you’re right. It’s on my wish list! xx

  2. I need to pick some bath bombs up, I haven’t had any since christmas!!! x

    • lexilife says:

      Omg do it! I spoke to one of the girls in there and they have limited edition fathers day products coming out and I LOVE a man smell SO MUCH!! x

  3. ktkinnes says:

    Haven’t been in Lush since before Christmas but Intergalactic is my favourite thing ever! My sister also bought me Rub, Rub, Rub which is a brilliant exfoliator but if you use it in your hair it’s incredible!

    Also, just have to say, your blog is looking amazing!

    • lexilife says:

      Ooo I really wanna try that one! I can see how addicting it can get. I reckon Lush has got the perfect amount of different lush bombs to make it possible to try every single one…so now I WANT TO! Thank you so much hun!! xx

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